If You Are Diabetic and On Medicare...

"Know What Medicare Benefits Apply.".

"You May Qualify To Get Your Diabetes Supplies Covered
...as well as receive other diabetes related services"

Find Out If You Qualify For:
Covered Diabetic Testing Supplies

If you currently are on Medicare and have been diagnosed with Diabetes, you may qualify for Medicare to cover the cost of your diabetic testing supplies.

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By submitting this form you are authorizing Care 1st Medical Solutions, Inc. (a Medicare approved diabetic supplier) to contact you by phone and email to evaluate what supplies are covered in your particular case. Care 1st Medical is enrolled in Medicare and accepts assignment.

Care 1st Medical Solutions can quickly determine what coverage applies for your diabetic supplies.

(Medicare deductible, co-pay, and some restrictions may apply for qualified Medicare beneficiaries.)

Diabetics on Medicare Are Learning About Their Benefits!

Many Medicare beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with diabetes are often unaware that they may qualify for Medicare to cover their diabetic testing supplies.

Even if they do know, there is confusion sometimes about the extent of available coverage, who exactly is eligible, and which Medicare Plans apply to each of the various diabetes benefits.

In addition, Medicare offers, to those who qualify, other related diabetic services and medications that many are not aware are available to take advantage of.

- Browse this website for easy to understand explanations about Medicare diabetes coverage. -